April 1, 2023

Write for Us

If you are a popular blogger or expert and are active on social media, we are happy to publish your case studies, practical advice articles, and statistics regarding digital marketing, interesting trends or innovations that can be applied to SEO improvement.

We want our guest posts to draw readers in and to be shareable through social media.  So, please follow this guide to ensure we would publish your post.

Blog Post Content Quality Requirements

Target Audience and Themes

As far as the most of our readers are experts, consultants and marketing managers, it is important to choose topics that include some more advanced SEO and Marketing tips and trends they might don’t know about. We are focused on helping with strategy and tactics of search and social media marketing and its improvements through new analytics and trends.  

Topic’s Length and Style

We would prefer uniquely and clearly written text, with 1500+ words where you provide the reader with actionable advice, backed up with real-world data/examples. The longer posts, the better.

We appreciate if you tell stories and give the examples you recommend following or not following to using a conversational, but professional style. Please try to keep sentences short and make it readable and fascinating. A post should not be published somewhere else.


It would be useful you provide visual examples and line diagrams.

Your article should include at least two appropriate images (relevant process or app screenshots; no stock photos, or kids drawings please) – 800 by 450 pixels, the more images preferably.

Author bio and image in png or jpg format 300x300px.


Please use:

* Heading 1 <h1> – a short 5-8 main heading

* Heading 2 <h2> – a longer heading adding detail to the main heading and targeting other keywords

* Heading 3 <h3>- as appropriate, use at least 3 level 3 subheads.

Break paragraphs into chunks, typically no more than three sentences to a paragraph.

To get in touch, simply introduce yourself, provide us with your previously published articles and the list your future post titles/ideas.


We do not publish articles that use anchor text links to author’s home or product page in the body of the article. Links to your relevant articles and your home page are fine in the author’s bio.

Please make sure you add a short bio describing you and your experience and your business social media such as your website URL, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

We appreciate you are following our requirements.