February 3, 2023

The new trim video tool from YouTube turns your videos into 6-second videos that you can use for bumper ads. How convenient!

Machine learning strikes again. The new tool is now available globally in Google Ads, making it easy for advertisers to create bumper ads. The tool is powered by a machine learning model that identifies important scenes and brand elements from the original video and adapts them for shorter formats, Google says.

Not new(s). The tool was first introduced in 2019 as Bumper Machine and Google says that since then it “has helped hundreds of brands drive more reach, frequency and efficiency by effortlessly generating 6-second bumper ads. It improves on the Bumper Machine beta in many ways, with an enhanced machine learning model that can better select clips to adapt into shorter formats and an interface with more intuitive editing capabilities.”

Dig deeper. Learn more about the new trim tool in the Google Ads Help Center.

Why we care. The new tool can be used by advertisers to quickly create bumper ads if they don’t have the cutting and editing resources available to larger businesses. The new feature also allows you to test multiple ads much faster, as all of the videos created will be available in the asset library.

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