June 6, 2023

Google is slowly rolling out new Setup columns at the campaign and ad group levels.

What is a Setup column. The new Setup column was first noticed by Steve Seeley, who posted about the update on Twitter.

The Setup column includes information about:

  • Disapproved ads
  • Disapproved keywords
  • Eligible ads
  • Eligible keywords
  • Eligible Responsive Search Ads
  • Eligible ad groups
  • Responsive search ad-strength details
  • Eligible sitelink extensions
  • Eligible image extensions

What Google says. Ads Liason Ginny Marvin commented that the Setup column was available to help advertisers “quickly identify any campaign/ad group setup issues..”

More Setup column info. You can read more info about the new Setup columns here.

Why we care. This info should help advertisers identify issues in their campaigns and ad groups as well as quickly find images, keywords, and ads that need to be adjusted. If you have access to the new Setup column, you should see it in your settings at the campaign or ad group level.

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