March 28, 2023

E-commerce is expected to grow by 15.5% this year, to $236 billion. In the US, online sales might finally eclipse brick-and-mortar, making e-commerce the most significant way to drive Q4 revenue. This means that now more than ever, savvy brands need actionable ways to boost Q4 performance and attribution across key e-commerce channels – from SEO and email to paid search, social, Amazon and SMS.

Moreover, in order to be effective across each of these, brands need a coordinated, cross-channel approach to move shoppers quickly from awareness to consideration to purchase through a variety of digital touchpoints. They also need visibility into the effectiveness of each of these touchpoints to determine which ones deliver the most value at each stage of the shopper journey.

Join Exclusive Concepts – a Premier Google Partner, BigCommerce Elite Partner, Meta Business Partner and Microsoft Elite Partner – for this live event on Wednesday, October 5th. Presenters will walk through the 2022 E-commerce Guide, where attendees will learn how to:

  • Test cross-channel messaging across various audience segments
  • Plan your budget for each channel to maximize ROAS
  • Measure how your website ads impact Amazon sales
  • Adapt to policy and platform changes that affect channel performance – from very recent Google updates affecting SEO rankings to changes in Amazon Ads and everything in between
  • Master our number one strategy for each vital e-commerce channel

Save your spot and walk away with 12 easy tactics you can use NOW to boost Q4 sales.

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