March 28, 2023

Everyone’s favorite new Google product, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), has just released 12 new item and event-scoped ecommerce metrics and dimensions.

Why we care. Ecommerce advertisers and retailers will now be able to view and analyze specific information about products, services and interactions. You should also be able to see Items purchased and purchases by country, which shows you the number of items purchased and the number of purchases for each country.

ICYMI, Google will sunset Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023.

What’s new. You can now find the following new dimensions and metrics in the Explorations and the Data API:

  • Item affiliation
  • Item variant
  • Items added to cart
  • Items checked out
  • Items clicked in list
  • Items clicked in promotion
  • Items viewed
  • Items viewed in list
  • Items viewed in promotion
  • Shipping amount
  • Shipping tier
  • Tax amount

New naming conventions. Google has also renamed several metrics:

  • Add to carts (previously called Add-to-carts)
  • Item-list click events (previously called Item list clicks)
  • Item-list view events (previously called Item list views)
  • Item view events (previously called Item views)
  • Items purchased (previously called Item purchase quantity)
  • Promotion clicks (previously called Item promotion clicks)
  • Promotion views (previously called Item promotion views)

Dig deeper. Review the official Analytics Help documentation here.

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