March 28, 2023

TikTok has expanded its quick Promote ad feature with four new options, making it easier for brands to increase the visibility of their posts through a streamlined campaign creation process within the platform.

The new Promote campaigns. Brands will now be able to:

  • Drive more visits to your TikTok page – TikTok’s added a new Promote goal focused on driving traffic back to your TikTok page, as opposed to your website
  • Get more messages from potential customers – Prompt more direct interaction in the app with a new ‘more messages’ Promote goal
  • Boost other creators’ content – Brands can also now use Promote to amplify content from creators that they’re working with. ‘Creators can also use Promote for others to give a boost to the content, creators and businesses they want the world to see.’
  • Target your audience by location – Finally, TikTok’s also added location as another qualifier in its Promote targeting tools, providing more ways for SMBs, in particular, to reach relevant audiences in the app.

Dig deeper. You can read the full announcement from TikTok here.

Why we care. The Promote feature is a convenient method for boosting the performance of your top organic content, as well as the option to promote popular creator clips, offering a way to leverage trending material and optimize your advertising efforts.

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