June 6, 2023

Create intelligent, personalized e-commerce search and discovery experiences.

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You’re invited!

Join Martin Salle, enterprise sales leader from Algolia and AWS, for a special conversation and hands-on solution demonstration.

In this session:

Leaders in every industry use Algolia Search and Discovery to create dynamic digital experiences that drive business results.

Algolia’s flexible search-as-a-service and full suite of APIs allow teams to easily develop tailored, fast search and discovery experiences that delight and convert. To date, Algolia has over 10,000 customers that perform over 10 billion search queries per month.

For marketers, Algolia offers secure, reliable, and scalable tools to easily manage every step of the omnichannel user experience without the need for IT.

You will learn:

  • Learn about major challenges marketers are facing today
  • Hear how Algolia can help your organization
  • See an on-demand demo of the solution in practice

Join the session here.

Speaker bio:

Martin was among the first employees at Algolia when joining over five years ago, coming from Google. He has helped scale the customer success and sales teams ever since. Today, Martin looks after Algolia’s enterprise customers focusing on the Fortune 100.

About Algolia:

Algolia provides an API platform for dynamic experiences that enable organizations to predict intent and deliver results. Algolia achieves this with an API-first approach that allows developers and business teams to surface relevant content when wanted — satisfying the demand for instant gratification — and building and optimizing online experiences that enhance online engagement, increase conversion rates, and enrich lifetime value to generate profitable growth. More than 10,000 companies, including Under Armour, Lacoste, Birchbox, Stripe, Slack, Medium and Zendesk, rely on Algolia to manage over 1.5 trillion search queries a year. Algolia is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Atlanta, Paris, London and Bucharest. To learn more, visit www.algolia.com.

The post Personalize each digital customer experience appeared first on Search Engine Land.

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