April 1, 2023

Google has added a “Manage” tab to give advertisers more control and flexibility over how recommendations are applied.

Two flexible options. In the new “Manage” tab, Google is giving advertisers two different bundle options with pre-checked recommendation types.

  • Maintain your ads. This option includes recommendations to improve your responsive search ads, remove redundant keywords, and update your conversion tracking
  • Grow your business. This option helps with advanced recommendation optimizations such as upgrading keywords to broad match, maximizing conversions with auto bids, and adding store visits as conversions.

Learn more about the recommendations. If you need to learn more about the specific recommendations being suggested, you can do so directly from the “Manage” tab. It’ll include descriptions of the recommendations and “benefits” to your account. The Quick Help guide also provides explanations, links, and additional resources.

You can read the update from Google here.

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Why we care. Google says these new bundled recommendations give advertisers more flexibility, but this seems to do the opposite. You can select and deselect the options you want, but the options are broad and don't provide any details on what's being changed. If you don't know specifically what updates are being made, then the element of control is lost and Google gets the upper hand in terms of how "flexible" they can really be.

Like any new Google feature, always make sure auto-apply is turned off until you've had the chance to test it for yourself.

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