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There are many types of polishers, each with different functions and a slightly different polishing principle. The product is polished and needs to be combined with different polishers to process them. Below the manufacturer of the Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine , let's take a look at the polishing machines:

1. The round tube polishing machine adopts the principle of centerless grinding and consists of two mechanisms: polishing and feeding. The workpiece can be subjected to large-volume grinding or fine grinding and polishing by adjusting the feed amount of the grinding head. By adjusting the spacing of the guide wheels, it is possible to machine workpiece round tube polishing machines of different specifications. The feed mechanism of the machine uses a continuously variable transmission to achieve the desired grinding and polishing results by changing the feed rate of the workpiece.

2. The disc polishing machine is mainly composed of a disc and a polishing column. The number of polishing columns is determined according to the processing technology of the product, the electric control box and the abrasive supply system. The disc type multi-function automatic polishing machine is a type of polishing machine with wide adaptability. For workpieces made of copper, iron, zinc and stainless steel, surface treatment is possible.

3. CNC polishing machine is a kind of machine that combines grinding knife and polishing knife. It can automatically adjust coarse grinding, fine grinding times and high grinding precision; automatic feeding, memory, storage, dynamic tracking, easy operation and high degree of automation of grinding wheel, the highest degree of automation of similar grinding machines, greatly improving work efficiency.

4. Mold polishing machine Mold polishing machine adopts imported high-power equipment, and the power is increased by 30 compared with similar products. Scope of application: Various molds include composite cemented carbide molds, narrow groove slots, blind holes and other rough surface mirror polishing. Can polish a variety of metals, glass, jade, agate and so on.
information about aluminum wheel polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/wheel-polishing-machine/

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