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The noise generated during the polishing process by the Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine will affect the working mood, work efficiency and the effect of the workpiece to some extent. To reduce noise, it is necessary to clarify the cause and source. Only in this way can we take measures to avoid noise and solve noise.

When we pay more attention and observation, we will find that the grinding head is subjected to the unbalanced force when the brick is ground, and the vibration is generated by the violent vibration. Therefore, vibration is the source of noise. This is not a case or a rare phenomenon. It is only a dynamic instability phenomenon, especially in the polishing of flat polishing machines. As an operator, you can try to simplify the intrinsic working principle diagram, and analyze and analyze the individual abrasive particles, especially the vibration analysis of the grinding head. Finally, the width of the grinding and the rotation speed of the polishing machine head are directly formed. factor.

Through vibration analysis, we will find that the width of the grinding and the speed of the polishing machine head affect the grinding head noise. In order to prevent resonance, only the appropriate grinding width and speed can be selected to effectively control the noise of the polishing machine. The reduction or control of noise is very positive for the improvement of the work efficiency of the polishing machine personnel.

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