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With the development of society, our great motherland has developed very fast in all walks of life, and the quality requirements for various products are getting higher and higher. Then, where is the round tube polishing machine used in thousands of industries? What? The Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine manufacturer will tell you:

First of all, the round tube polishing machine is mainly used for grinding, derusting, drawing and mirror polishing of the outer surface of round workpieces such as round tubes, round rods and round shafts. Suitable for polishing of workpieces of different sizes and diameters. Scope of application: electroplating, hardware, mold processing, gas spring rod, hydraulic fittings, copper tube copper rod, steel pipe iron rod, stainless steel tube, aluminum tube, handicraft processing, steel and wood furniture, gas pipe, vehicle accessories, etc.

The round tube polishing machine is mainly used in the following industries: wood, furniture industry such as flat wood, furniture metal handles and other workpiece sanding; hardware (metal) materials and products aluminum profiles and products, stainless steel products and utensils, copper profiles and products, Plumbing and sanitary equipment, locks, lighting products, signage plates, hardware craft ornaments, knife and scissors, door flaps, car bicycle parts, tableware, buckle products, buttons, belt buckles, mobile phone casings, watch industry Such as sanding of workpieces; electronic parts, electronic equipment such as electronic parts, flat sanding and so on. The use of different types of round tube polishing machines can greatly improve the surface finish of various workpieces. The large round tube polishing machine can polish and polish the workpiece to the mirror surface brightness with remarkable effect.

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