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Mechanical parts generally require simple polishing before use. So what should you pay attention to when polishing these parts? What are the precautions for the Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine ?

If the base of the polished surface is too rough, it is easy to cause deformation during polishing, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to firstly see whether the roughness of the surface of the blank can meet the polishing quality requirement during polishing.

In the polishing part, the round tube polishing machine does not specify the specific polishing position, and the shape is more complicated, then it must be clear before processing.

Feasibility analysis needs to be analyzed according to the specific conditions. The polishing wheel can't be polished when it is mechanically polished. Otherwise, special polishing wheel must be designed. However, it is necessary to seriously consider it, mainly refers to the polishing part. No polishing.

Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine: The main purpose is to consider why the polishing is carried out. If the purpose of simple polishing is clear, if it is to improve the surface brightness, mechanical polishing cannot be used. Mechanical polishing can only improve the flatness and smoothness of the surface. Although it is bright after polishing, the brightness of the anodized light will decrease, so the chemical brightness and chemical polishing should be performed.
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