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Today, the manufacturer of the Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine shares the polishing machine steps:

1. Switch on the nozzle and air supply line at the back of the machine.

2. Place the appropriate aluminum hydroxide sand in the working chamber of the sandblasting polishing machine and insert the suction tube into the sand bucket.

3. Turn on the power, the studio light will be on, then turn on the sand blasting switch and adjust the pressure adjustment knob. The pressure gauge is 0. 4-0. After 6M, close the blast switch.

4. Open the cover, the operator's right hand sends the casting to the left hand, starts the working switch, so that the casting is polished with sand against the nozzle surface, then close the working switch. Then remove the polishing piece. Pay attention to turn off the power after work.

5. If you need to change the sand, you can unscrew the head nut under the chassis. Release the sand, then tighten the head nut and pour the new sand.

6. The spare new sand is cleaned with water and baked.

7. Regularly remove the sand from the filter bag and pump the filter at the lower end of the air filter.

8. When replacing the nozzle and cleaning the bag. The power plug should be unplugged to prevent electric shock.

9. Keep the working environment clean and dry. Pay attention to the maintenance of the air compressor to ensure that the sandblasting machine is properly ventilated.

information about aluminum wheel polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/wheel-polishing-machine/

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