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Improvements in process technology have meant that new technologies have emerged and the machinery and equipment produced has been updated. For example, the magnetic polishing machine breaks through the concept of vibration polishing of the traditional polishing machine, and the magnetic field is a stainless steel needle abrasive material to produce a rapid rotating motion, thereby achieving multiple effects of removing burrs, polishing, and washing.

The magnetic polishing machine is automated, intelligent, easy to operate, and has a more uniform polishing effect, which makes the surface of the object smoother, far better than the polishing effect of similar products, which saves labor costs and improves work efficiency.

Because of the use of stone-shaped abrasives or steel balls, the traditional polishing machine cannot clean and polish the inner holes, concave and convex faces, dead corners, internal and external threads. It can only be some processing on the surface. Polishing time is slow and usually takes a few hours to complete.

Traditional polishers are costly and use stone-shaped abrasives that need to be replaced after a period of grinding. It is easy to damage the workpiece and deform the workpiece, which affects the precision.

Compared with other polishing equipment such as cloth polishing machine, the magnetic polishing machine can polish the workpiece in batches. After polishing, the screen can be separated from the steel needle by batch, which greatly improves the working efficiency and polishing effect.

The magnetic polishing machine is excellent for the inner hole treatment of small hardware, small jewelry and other dead angles. It can remove dust, remove burrs, improve the surface brightness of the product, and remove the surface oxide layer, which is unmatched by other types of polishing equipment.

The magnetic polishing machine is easy to operate and can operate multiple devices at the same time, saving costs. The magnetic polishing machine uses a polishing liquid and a steel needle, together with appropriate tap water to mass-polish the workpiece, and the sewage without acid and alkali is easy to handle.

The above information is organized by the Wheel Polishing Machine manufacturer.

information about wheel polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/wheel-polishing-machine/

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