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Nowadays, in the machining process, in order to meet the production requirements to improve the brightness of the workpiece, there is also a need to use polishing technology in order to increase the aesthetics of the product. There are many kinds of polishing processes, and the simple and effective one is mechanical polishing. At present, the Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine can be selected from a single set (ie a set of grinding heads) to a plurality of sets of polishing machines. The requirements for the finish are not high or only for simple descaling. A single set of polishing machines can be used; Higher, it is necessary to select several sets of polishing machines according to the different polishing materials.

In the current various industrial manufacturing, various mechanical devices play a large role. The intelligent round tube polishing machine has the following operational advantages: Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine is a device specially designed for polishing round tubes. The motor drives the polishing wheel to rotate at high speed, and the surface of the tube is polished at a high speed to improve the surface finish of the tube. It is often used for polishing. Steel pipe, shaft, standard part polishing process, aluminum tube, same tube and other workpieces, it is convenient to replace the polishing wheel. It can use various types of polishing wheels such as thousand-page wheel, grinding wheel and cloth wheel, and can also replace the corresponding one according to actual needs. Polishing wheel.

For the polishing machine, the pass-through polishing machine is a relatively common one. Here, it should be emphasized that no matter which kind of polishing machine, before each use, it is necessary to make corresponding adjustments, in order to better guarantee the quality of production. Here, we introduce the adjustment method of the pass-through polishing machine. The manufacturer of the round tube polishing machine introduces us. When we use the pass-through polishing machine to polish the workpiece, the operator must first understand the polishing rate to be used. The great advantage of this is that the wear layer of the polished part can be quickly eliminated, and the pseudo-tissue disappears completely. In order to achieve the result of this polishing, it is necessary to ensure that the abrasive is thicker, and after adjusting the use function, the polishing rate can be further improved.

Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine In the process of polishing, if you do not want fake tissue, the polishing material used must be meticulous. The use of such a polishing material reduces the degree of damage to the polishing material, and such a polishing method also improves the polishing efficiency. In order to ensure the polishing rate, a good method is to divide the polishing into two stages, that is to say, the rough polishing treatment is performed first, and then the fine polishing treatment is performed.

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