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Today, Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine Mfr. shares the operation of the centrifugal grinding and polishing machine.

According to the transmission mode, the centrifugal grinding and polishing machine can be divided into two types: chain-driven and synchronous belt transmission. The grinding container drum is made of extremely wear-resistant, acid-resistant PU glue as the inner lining. If the drum is damaged due to long use time, the grinding drum set can be replaced at any time without affecting the normal operation of the entire centrifugal grinder, so that the machine greatly improves work efficiency.

The machine structure of the centrifugal grinding and polishing machine: the machine is equipped with four hexagonal drums, automatic dumping mechanism, machine base and electronic control system. The mechanical operation principle of the centrifugal grinding and polishing machine: four hexagonal drums are mounted on the large turntable of the machine, and the planetary synchronous belt wheel group drives the drum and the large turntable to form a reverse rotation, so that the abrasive and the workpiece in the drum are double Strong friction occurs under the action of centrifugal force. The centrifugal grinding and polishing machine can efficiently finish the polishing speed of the workpiece. When the centrifugal grinding and polishing machine is working, the large rotary disk brake motor is driven and controlled by the inverter.

This machine uses the principle of centrifugal motion to improve the polishing efficiency of the workpiece. Moreover, the polished workpiece has high precision, high brightness and no bruise. The centrifugal grinding and polishing machine is especially suitable for the finishing of small and medium-sized workpieces, and the polishing of workpieces with shaped cavities and heat treatment. Centrifugal grinding and polishing machine Scientific external design: This machine is made of steel plate and channel steel. The drum turntable assembly is fixed on the machine base. The upper part of the work drum is equipped with a circular arc protective cover. The front part of the protective cover is free. Opening and closing. Turn off the protective cover while working to open the machine for work. Reasonable layout design of the machine body: Under the premise of not reducing the working volume, the smaller size of the machine design allows the user to save space.

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