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What Methods Can Improve The Polishing Rate? The Following Is A Brief Talk From Wheel Polishing Machine Manufacturer:

1. Under The Polishing Sealing Cylinder, Use A Suction Pipe Of A Special Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, And Connect The Special Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Above The Waste Device.

2. After Connecting The Industrial Vacuum Cleaner And The Power Supply Of The Equipment, Adjust The Rotating Speed Of The Equipment And Use A Small Number Of Capsules With Waste Shells To Test The Machine. If The Negative Pressure Inlet Air Is Too Large, The Capsules May Be Sucked Out, And The Size Cannot Play The Role Of Removing Waste.

3. After Making The Above Preparations, If Necessary, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Should Be Cleaned During The Work.

4. Adjustment Method, Electronic Governor Arrangement, The Fragile Capsule Speed Can Be Appropriately Reduced, Otherwise The Appropriate Increase; The Inclination Is Adjusted By The Tail Support Plate, And The Polishing Effect Is Good Due To Large Inclination. Professional Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Have Two Sets Of Suction Pipe Devices, Each With A Suction Volume Adjusting Plate For Adjustment.

information about wheel polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/wheel-polishing-machine/

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