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Although there are many methods for polishing the Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine , there are only three methods of mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrochemical polishing, which occupy a large market share in industrial production. Because these three methods are continuously improved, improved and perfected through long-term use, the methods and processes can be adapted to different conditions and requirements of polishing, and the production efficiency is relatively high, the production cost is low, and the economic benefits are good while ensuring product quality. . Some of the remaining polishing methods fall into the category of these three methods or are derived from these methods, while others can only be applied to special materials or special additions, and the polishing methods required by the workers may be difficult to master and complicated. High cost.

The mechanical polishing method is to plastically deform the surface of the material by cutting and grinding, and the material is smoothed by the convex portion of the polished surface to fill the concave portion and the surface roughness is reduced to be smooth, so as to improve the surface roughness of the product and make the product bright. Aesthetically or in preparation for subsequent surface finishing (electroplating, electroless plating, finishing). At present, most of the mechanical polishing methods use the original method of mechanical wheel polishing, belt polishing, etc., especially in many labor-intensive electroplating industries, the equipment is simple and easy to operate, relying on the proficiency and purpose of the workers. Depending on the quality of the polishing, it is possible to process small workpieces of various shapes.
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