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The Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine uses the centrifugal force principle to achieve high-speed polishing of the workpiece in the grinding vessel. It uses chains and gears to drive the rotation of the spindle. The four hexagonal grinding vessels rotate and rotate in the large circle of the main shaft to promote the grinding of the abrasive in the high-speed grinding state, thereby achieving grinding and polishing of the workpiece in the working container. The abrasives are subjected to high speed rotation and rubbed against each other to achieve polishing of the surface of the workpiece.

The difference between a centrifugal disc polisher and other polishers is that the centrifugal disc polisher has four machine barrels. When the machine is working, the four grinding container buckets work simultaneously. Grinding and polishing abrasives, polishing slurry, polishing agent, polishing brightener and other workpieces and polishing materials are placed in the cylinder of the grinding container. The four grinding containers are sealed under working conditions, and the heat in the barrel is polished after high-speed rotation. It is relatively high, so its polishing speed is relatively fast. It not only removes the workpiece burrs quickly, but also has a good effect on the surface finish of the workpiece. It is a corrector in grinding and polishing machines. It is ideal for the surface finish of metal workpieces. Due to the volumetric relationship of the grinding vessel, it is typically used for the bright polishing of workpieces, which is commonly used for surface treatment of small workpieces. Such as hardware workpieces, mechanical parts, etc. can also be used for surface polishing of glasses, jewelry and other workpieces.

Although it is divided into four barrels, it is very convenient to operate. On the control panel of the machine, there are buttons for speed, time, etc. You can set the working hours of the machine and adjust its working speed at will during the run.

In order to make better use of the user, the four grinding container buckets are made of a wear-resistant polyurethane material. If the liner wears out due to excessive use, it can be replaced at any time without affecting the machine. jobs. Centrifugal disc polishers are ideal for surface treatment of small and medium-sized workpieces in hardware.

information about centrifugal disc polishing machine: https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/centrifugal-disc-polishing-machine/

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