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Product introduction:
DMX controlled RGBW LED tape is compatible with SD controller , DMX controller , Artnet, you can get different lighting effects for the projects.
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Product parameters:
ModelIC Qty per meterColorLED Qty
per meterPower ConsumptionVoltagePCB Size
ST-DMX512RGBW-60-24V10Addressable RGBW60≤14.4W24vDouble Copper PCB 5000*12mm
Product details
1. DMX512 led strip is DMX protocol whose signal is parallel , even some IC have problems, other pixels still can work.
2. High brightness waterproof smd 5050 RGBW LEDs are assembled on this strip .
3. DIY cutting, 12V 1 IC drives 3 leds, 5V 1IC drives 1 led, 24V 1IC drives 6leds.
4. With DMX512 IC, individual control and addressable full color led strip light.
5. 12mm FPC width, length could be customized
6. RoHS CE certificate approved,
7. 3M adhesive tape on backside, easy to install.
8. All strips are double-sided pcb, at least 2ouns pcb, low voltage drop and good heat dissipation
DMX512 strip Installation and connection :
1. Clean the surface
2. Stick light strip firmly to the surface
3. Connect to the driver
4. Connect power supply to a wall outlet , enjoy your beautiful LED light strip!
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DMX RGBW LED strip application:
1. Archway, canopy, Ad words, ultra-thin light boxes, light words, luminescent signboard backlights
2. Buildings, bridges, signboards and other decorative outline
3. High-end stores, shopping malls, home and other indoor lighting
4. Cars, corridors, staircases, furniture, show windows and other decoration, hidden location and indoor dark trough lighting
About our company :
We are experienced after 8 years development, the engineer team has successfully developed various different programmable products, such as APA102 WS2813 SK6812 WS2801, LPD8806, WS2811, WS2812B, DMX512 smart led strip that are widely applied in home decoration, garden landscape, stadiums, exhibition hall, exhibition hall, hotel, high-grade office buildings, upscale clubs etc.. Products are exported to America, Europe, Middle east, and other market.DMX RGBW LED Strip

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