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-Since 2008, we focus on R& D manufacturing environment simulation test equipment, formaldehyde VOC emission chamber, automotive reliability testing chamber,etc.
-In 2011, Won china innovation design red star award . Won third prize of dongguan cup international industrial design competition
-In 2012, recognized as a private technology enterprise in Guangdong province.
-In 2003 passed ISO9001 quality management system
-In 2013 won the national excellent patent award
-In 2013 passed national high-tech enterprise evaluation
-In 2014, successfully developed Full vehicle VOC emission chamber
-In 2015 won Guangdong excellent patent award
-In 2015 passed automobile industry VDA6.4 quality management system certification
-In 2016 participated in national 10.35 S&T 1 project
-In 2016 Won the Guangdong patent outstanding enterprise award
-In 2016 successfully developed the school runway test chamber,Automobile VOC emission
performance evaluation simulation system
-In 2017 passed national high-tech enterprise evaluation again
-In 2017 Successfully developed vacuum VOC elimination chamber
-In 2018 Successfully developed Automotive airbag test chamberLarge VOC Emission Chamber manufacturers

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